About Us


Our Story

We are a gang from different backgrounds with variety of experiences. We love events so much so we decided to share our passion with like minded people. From our experience while planning events we found that it was not an easy task handling the planning by single person/family. There was always something that was missed. At times it was the quality. At other times it was quality of food. When it was all taken care of selecting the auditorium or caterers was a challenge. Unless you had a good idea of what you wanted to do, there is a fair chance that you will miss out on some of the most important Points. So we will help you to make your day a memorable one.

In the other hand we all aware that there is no spare time for all persons in the current time, when you thinking about house shifting, maintenance works, renovations etc you may extend these works to another day. You need not worry about that we will help you to fix that in a professional way. We are here if you need a solutions for your homes.